About Us

Company Overview

Epic Web Design is a full-service Web Site Design, Development and Marketing Company. We are dedicated to providing high-quality, custom internet solutions to meet the various needs of our clients. Our goal is to deliver personalized service and professional results. With our comprehensive range of products and services, we can take your project from concept to completion!

We take pride in the quality of our work, our fast turn-around rate and, best of all, the affordability of our services. We truly believe that everyone deserves to have a web presence and, therefore, have tailored our products and services to make that dream a reality. From do-it-yourself web templates to completely custom site scripting and design, we have a product or service for nearly every budget.

Our Web Design staff has diverse experience in all aspects of site design, graphics and scripting including, but not limited to: HMTL, Javascript, ASP, CGI/Perl, DHTML, XML, Flash, etc. These skills combine to product websites which are user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing on the front end, while remaining fully-functional and technically sound on the back end. The blend of technology and style assures our clients that their web site will attract visitors and support visitor activty/interaction, while maintaining the necessary infrastructure and foundation to sustain future growth and expansion.

Our Marketing staff also has a proven track record of success. From search engine optimization, cross-promotion, and online marketing campaigns, to print, radio and television advertising, their expertise has continually resulted in increased exposure/traffic to our clients' sites. This added exposure and top-level site ranking heightens brand awareness and increases revenue.

The Epic Difference

When you work with Epic Web Design, you'll notice something a little different right from the beginning -- we take our work seriously, but we also like to have fun! It's often been said that a positive work environment produces better results and we've taken that to heart. We operate in a professional, yet casual atmosphere that promotes a strong work ethic balanced by a commitment to family, friends and community.

From working in our dog-friendly office, to cheering on our corporate-sponsored youth baseball team, we enjoy what we do. So yes -- we admit we're different, but we like it that way. After all, when was the last time you actually looked forward to going to work?

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